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Grant Writing: Four of the Most Common Obstacles

While each grant proposal is different and unique, the challenges and problems are the same for many grant writers, whether they are professional or novice writers. In this blog, we review a few of the most common obstacles that grant writers encounter.

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Application rejection

What to Do When Your Application Is Rejected

You did the research. You found the grant that would fund your project. You wrote a passionate, clear, precise, and thorough grant application. You submitted all the necessary documents and everything arrived at the funder on time. Yet you received a letter regretting to inform you that your application was rejected. It is natural to wonder what went wrong and how to proceed when faced with a rejection. Continue Reading

Planning a timeline

Time Is of the Essence: How to Write a Timeline for Your Grant

This blog is part of our new series, Grant Writing for Beginners. The series addresses all stages of preparing a grant proposal, from writing a Letter of Inquiry to submitting a complete proposal. This post continues the series by outlining key components of the timeline. Continue Reading


Formative Evaluation: What You Can Do Pre-Award that Will Help You Post-Award

At the time it is written, a grant proposal is our best snapshot of the future. Although it may be a well-developed vision, it is still only a vision. After your project is funded, formative evaluation is key in determining the effectiveness of your project. If certain components of your project are not working, you can and should change direction. If some activities are functioning particularly well, you can identify which ones these are and build them into your sustainability strategy. Continue Reading

Secrets and Strategies from a Grant Writing Pro

CDW-G continued its three-part webinar series, with Dr. Toni Rockis, by discussing strategies for writing an effective grant proposal. In the first webinar, attendees got insights into the first three sections of a grant proposal: Executive Summary, Description of the School, and Need for the Project. This second webinar discussed the next two sections: Description of the Project and Project Management Timeline. Here are a few of the suggested strategies:

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