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Submitting a US Department of Education Competitive Grant Application

Trial By Jury: Submitting a US Department of Education Competitive Grant Application

Each year, the United States Department of Education (USDOE) awards multiyear, multimillion-dollar competitive grants.* Their purpose is to support implementation of the department’s targeted educational priorities. Has your school district decided to apply for one of these?

If it has, your team will devote hundreds of hours putting together a proposal. When your application is submitted, it will literally go on trial by jury. Your proposal will be judged by a jury of peer-reviewers who will scrutinize and grade your application—and like all juries, they will look at the evidence. Continue Reading


Formative Evaluation: What You Can Do Pre-Award that Will Help You Post-Award

At the time it is written, a grant proposal is our best snapshot of the future. Although it may be a well-developed vision, it is still only a vision. After your project is funded, formative evaluation is key in determining the effectiveness of your project. If certain components of your project are not working, you can and should change direction. If some activities are functioning particularly well, you can identify which ones these are and build them into your sustainability strategy. Continue Reading

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