Grant Writing for Beginners Series

The mission of the Discover GetEdFunding blog is to provide grant guidance for educators throughout every step of their grant-writing journey. The Grant Writing for Beginners series is meant to help educators who are just starting out on that journey. The series will cover all the stages of preparing a grant proposal from writing a Letter of Inquiry to submitting a proposal.

This blog post will serve as the landing page for the content as it’s generated. New posts will be added as they’re published. We’re looking forward to this series and we hope you are too!

  1. Top Tips for Writing Your First Grant
  2. How to Write a Letter of Inquiry
  3. Making a Good First Impression with Your Executive Summary
  4. Writing a Description of Your School
  5. Getting to the Heart of Your Proposal with the Need Statement
  6. Writing a Description of Your Project
  7. How to Write a Timeline for Your Grant
  8. How to Build a Budget

If you have any particular questions or topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know in the comments.

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Teacher in front of classroom of students

Start with Something You Love

People often ask how I became interested in writing grant applications for my school. The answer is simple—there are many interests I want to foster in my students that often require additional funding to achieve. Here’s how I went about making that happen. Continue Reading

Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

It’s back to school season! In the midst of preparing their classrooms for students, GetEdFunding users found the time to search and apply for grants. Here are the grants GetEdFunding members viewed the most in the month of August. Continue Reading

Teacher working with a grant writer

Tips for Working Successfully with a Grant Writer

So you’ve gone through the process of hiring a grant writer for your organization. Your next challenge is to find ways to make the most of your grant writers time and experience, while not burning a hole in your budget. Here are a few tips for making the most of your grant writer’s time and talents: Continue Reading

Students Going Back to School

5 Grants to Kick-start Your School Year

It’s back to school season and students aren’t the only ones buying school supplies! Teachers and administrators are also doing quite a bit of their own shopping to make sure they’re prepared to help students succeed. Back to school shopping can really add up. Check out these funding opportunities to help off set costs: Continue Reading

Hiring a Grant Writer

What to Look for in Grant Writer

Many organizations don’t have the time or resources to write their own grant proposals, especially if they are seeking larger grants that often require a more involved, detailed writing process. Hiring a grant writer is a great solution for these organizations. The expertise of a good grant writer increases the chances of receiving funding and boosts the overall quality of the proposal. But what makes a good grant writer and how will you know when you’ve found one? Here’s what to look for in a grant writer: Continue Reading

Online Grant Application

9 Tips for Submitting Online Applications

Increasingly, funders are making the choice to only accept online applications. This may make it easier on foundations to receive and review proposals, but it provides a unique set of challenges for grant writers. Here are some tips to help you avoid the most common online application mistakes: Continue Reading

Top 5 July Funding Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, educators hardly get the whole summer off. They’re hard at work wrapping up the previous school year and preparing for the next. Many educators took the time to start searching for funding for the coming school year. Here are the grants GetEdFunding members viewed the most in the month of July.

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School Bus in Rural Area

Rural Fundraising

Rural school districts need all the help they can get when it comes to fundraising. I’m not a big advocate of typical fundraising approaches used in school districts across the nation, such as bake sales and car washes. These tactics take up a lot of time and yield minimal results. Instead, I advocate fundraising approaches used in state colleges, universities, and private schools.


Rural districts need not be at a disadvantage when it comes to raising outside monies. In every community in America— large or small—there are people who can afford to give a major gift to your school or school district. You just have to find these people and involve them in your schools. Encourage them to become strong advocates and supporters of the schools. There is no better cause than public education.


There are a number of questions that you should consider as you think about updating and enhancing your K-12 fundraising program. Here they are:


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