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Understand How Network Monitoring Works to Conserve Resources

Dr. Joel Snyder, a senior IT consultant with more than 30 years of practice, outlines how network monitoring can conserve resources in this article from EdTech Focus on K–12.

Read here as Snyder shares

  • need-to-know facts and fallacies to make the most of a network monitoring system;
  • how improper configuration of network monitoring tools can overwhelm email, stress firewalls, and stymie sophisticated checks; and
  • the value of network monitoring tools as central alerting engines for multiple members of an organization.
Bring STEM to students with mobile technology.

Bringing STEM to Students with Mobile Technology

Learn how mobile labs boost curiosity and STEM literacy in Rebecca Torchia’s article featured in EdTech Focus on K–12. From robotics to 3D printing and augmented reality, this article explores an array of mobile lab technologies and how they function.

Read here as Torchia shares how mobile labs

  • bring STEM activities to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in meaningful lessons;
  • incorporate early technology introductions to spark excitement in learners; and
  • create curiosity and revigorated interest in STEM careers.

Ed Tech Access and Competency Make Virtual Learning Options Equitable

In this article from EdTech Focus on K–12, Jason Trinh, an award-winning educator from Toronto, writes how giving students the opportunity to learn online is not enough—he challenges schools to provide devices, internet access, and an understanding of how to use the technologies.

Read here as Trinh shares how

  • digital equity relies on students’ access to online learning;
  • digital equity requires students’ competence using technology; and
  • educators’ competency with technology supports digital equity.

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