Get Insights into the Grant Writing Process Through Success Stories

The grant writing process can often feel like it’s shrouded in mystery. Each application has different requirements and levels of difficulty. Sometimes it can even be difficult to tell from the funder’s website how much funding they’re likely to give you. Take some of the mystery out of grant writing by learning from your peers.

GetEdFunding’s success stories feature GetEdFunding users who have secured grant funding. Learn from the experiences of your peers and gain insight into:

  • What kinds of proposals and project ideas have been successful.
  • The organizations that have provided funding and how much was granted.
  • The difficulty of the application process.

Sample Success Story

Applicant Name: Sharon Galt

Institution/Organization: Sterling High School in Camden County, New Jersey

Grant Name: Learning and Leadership Grant, sponsored by the NEA Foundation

Amount Awarded: $2,000

Grade Level Served: Grades 9 through 12

Application Difficulty: moderate; the application required a detailed description of the development plan and proposed resources.

Program Description: The grant was used to fund Sharon Galt’s travel expenses to Argentina to research language, art, and history for an interdisciplinary unit at Sterling High School. In this unit, students are exposed to art, examine how artists express themselves in times of turmoil and persecution and identify historical aspects in the art.

The interdisciplinary unit focuses on human rights in the twentieth century, with a focus on World War II and the Dirty War. Argentina was chosen as the geographical focus area because of its connections to Italy and France. The purpose of the trip was to visit museums and landmarks associated with World War II, the Holocaust, and the Dirty War to gather information about art, culture, and language in order to assemble a classroom presentation.

Read more success stories on the GetEdFunding website. If you’ve received funding, we want to hear your story! Submit a success story here.


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