Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

In the previous month, educators were looking for funding opportunities in the areas of STEM education, vocational training, and field trips, as well as technology equipment. Check out which grants GetEdFunding educators viewed the most in the month of August.

Computer Grants

Sponsored by

InterConnection offers used desktops and laptops to provide technology training, health care, education, and job training to underserved populations. Interested applicants may request up to 10 computers.

Deadline: Applications are accepted March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, annually.

Education Grants

Sponsored by Verizon Foundation

The Verizon Foundation supports kindergarten through grade 12 education in science, education, technology, and mathematics (STEM); and domestic violence education and prevention for youth and women. In STEM education, funding supports activities such as summer or after-school programs, teacher training, and research on improving learning in STEM areas through use of technology.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round.

Target Field Trip Grants

Sponsored by Target, administered by Scholarship America, Inc.

Target funds programs that allow students and teachers to learn in all kinds of settings. Grants are awarded to kindergarten through grade 12 schools nationwide to fund field trips that connect students’ classroom curricula to out-of-school experiences.

Deadline: Applications are accepted August 1 through October 1, 2019.

Early Childhood Education Grants

Sponsored by Francis R. Dewing Foundation

The Frances R. Dewing Foundation makes grants to support projects in early childhood education for children aged 2 through grade 6. Priority is given to new, untried, or unusual educational organizations or institutions experimenting with novel educational methods for young children and elementary-age students.

Deadline: Applications are due April 1 and October 1, annually.

Educational Grants

Sponsored by Shell Oil Company

Shell Oil Company Logo

Shell makes educational grants in the communities in the United States where Shell Oil Company has a major presence. Proposals should increase interest in technical careers among students, and professional development in science and mathematics for educators. Funding is provided to support programs in kindergarten through grade 12 that are designed to boost students’ mathematics and science skills. Shell also funds projects at vocational and technical schools where chemical and refinery operators and technicians are trained.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round.


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