Important Glossary Terms: Block Grants

In our GetEdFunding Glossary, we highlight common and important grant-writing terms that you should know.

Block Grants: Formula-based funds that have more flexibility in distribution. They are not always tied to very specific categories.

Per definition, block grants refer to federal or state programs for functions such as community development, public health, or social services. These grants are usually broad in their definition, meaning that the recipient has greater discretion in deciding what to use the funds for. This makes these grants the ideal funding method for schools or districts working on achieving a long-term goal.

Examples of block grants include grants that are made to local governments or agencies that support and address disadvantaged communities or low-income and at-risk children and youth. Nonprofit organizations may not always be eligible to apply for these grants, but they may be eligible to receive funds indirectly by partnering with a local government, school district, or state agency.

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