School Garden Grants

With school about to start again, now is the time to get started if you are interested in building a school garden. There are a number of foundations offering funding to build educational gardens on school grounds. We have compiled a list of opportunities:

Safer Brand offers School Garden Grants to schools that want to create and start a school garden. Interested schools should explain their reasoning for a school garden and how they would use the grant.

Applications are accepted September 1 through December 1, 2019

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation works to inspire, mentor, and enable student success by integrating gardening and cooking concepts into school curriculums. Emeril’s Culinary Garden and Teaching Kitchen Program partners with schools to inspire appreciation for food sources and understanding of nutrition and healthy eating, promote life skills, and teach culinary skills. Preference is given to schools that serve students who are middle- to low-income in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Schools can submit Letters of Interest at any time.

Annie’s Homegrown, Inc. offers grants to schools and educational programs to build school gardens. Annie’s has helped fund more than 400 school gardens. Funds may be used to buy gardening tools, seeds, or other needed supplies. Applicants have two different garden types to choose from: (1) the getting started garden, which provides funding for a brand-new school garden program; or (2) the digging deeper garden, which provides funding to deepen an existing school garden program.

Applications are accepted August through November 1, 2019

Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grants support the development of indoor and outdoor herb gardens in elementary classrooms. The Herb Society of America selects schools or classrooms to receive seed money to establish an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Funds may be used for supplies such as soil, plant trays, containers, and child or youth sized tools.

Applications are due October 1, 2019


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