A Data Update

We previously published a blog about where to find necessary data to support a grant proposal. We have also discussed the importance of collecting clear and precise data to give a proposal more weight and validity.

Here are additional resources for data that are highly important to any grant proposal.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a website for databases, tables, and calculators by subject to get you started. In addition, there is the USA.gov statistics page, which offers a variety of valuable data. While the labor statistics resources focus on work-related data, the USA.gov resources are more general and can help you find the right department to begin compiling data.

Another option beyond using the US Census Bureau to compile demographic data is a site called DataUSA. It uses the data provided by the Census Bureau, but allows for city, state, and even national comparison.

Depending on the kind of grant proposal you are working on, you might find data from the USDA Economic Research Service a helpful resource for your proposal. If you are looking to apply for grants that address school nutrition or food services, this is the place to start looking for numbers.

The Pew Research Center is a fact tank that provides data and trends on a large variety of topics, such as politics, media, public life, global attitudes, and science and technology.


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