What Have You Been Reading 2018?

Looking back at 2018, we have complied a list of the five most-read blog posts on Discover GetEdFunding. If you have not looked through all the resources yet, we encourage you to check them out.

Empowering People Through Literature

In the most-read blog of 2018, we compiled a variety of resources, statistics, and information for educators looking for ways to enhance and enrich their literacy classroom. Ranging from the National Book Foundation to training program grants for literacy educators, we shared a glimpse into the possibilities for teaching literacy.


It’s Not You, It’s Me: 7 Reasons Why Grant Proposals Are Rejected

Rejection is a big part of applying for grants, and determining why applications are rejected is the next step in ensuring future success. We compiled seven of the most common reasons funders turn grant proposals down.


There’s an App for That: Tools to Make Grant Writing Easier

The app store offers a variety of applications and programs that can help you manage time, budget, and workflow to successfully complete a grant application. In this post, we provided a selection of apps to assist your grant-writing efforts.


How to Get Started Writing Grants

It might seem obvious but, as the saying goes, every journey starts with the first step. In terms of grant writing, the first step is often the hardest. In this guest blog, Carmen Watts Clayton shared strategies for writing your first grant application.


What to Do After Your Proposal is Rejected

Readers were very interested in learning about the next steps after a proposal is rejected. It’s a time of reflection, regrouping, and pep talk. This post outlined how to recover from rejection and prepare for your next application.


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