GetEdFunding for Beginners

If you’ve discovered and registered for an account, you are now ready to get started with grant writing. But how and where do you begin? Here is a helpful guide on how to use the GetEdFunding database to make the most of the available resources.

Information You Need

The Resource Section offers an abundance of information in various formats to help you prepare for the first steps of grant writing. There are video workshops on applying to federal grants, webinars for grant writing beginners, and grant writing toolkits. Other resources include webinars focused on specific topics, such as healthy classrooms, collaborating on grant applications, and the differences between applying for small and large grants.


GetEdFunding also provides a comprehensive Glossary designed to familiarize you with any grant-specific terms and phrases you may not already know. The collection of key terms provides background and context so you can easily navigate your way through various application requirements.

In the Article section, you will find dozens of articles focused on preparing grant applications, writing budgets, fiscal statements, objectives, Letters of Inquiry, and how to manage your time. There are also articles about applying for specific grants, such as STEM, corporate, federal, digital learning, and technical assistance grants.

If you’re looking for in-depth focus on funding opportunities, how to prepare an application, and how to proceed once you have submitted your application, see our Blog for information on those topics and more.


New Grants and Upcoming Deadlines

In the Grant Alerts section, you can always stay current on grant opportunities by choosing between two options: Deadline Alerts and Just In. Both sections are constantly updated. Deadline Alerts are grants with fast-approaching deadlines, so you’ll need to act promptly. Just In grants are opportunities that have been newly added to our database.


Find Opportunities that Match Your Needs

Once you have armed yourself with information and you are ready to dig into the grant opportunities, you will find that GetEdFunding is here to help you through each step.

GetEdFunding has an extensive search feature to help you find the funding that is right for your needs. Our Custom Search features 48 Focus Areas, ranging from After School programming and Early Childhood to Music, Professional Development, and Vocational Education. The search also includes broader content areas, such as Health, Science, World Languages, and Arts. The Custom Search includes 21st Century Themes/Skills, which is its own search area, including topics such as Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, and Problem Solving.


You have the opportunity to personalize a search by choosing to look for funding only in your state or nationwide. You can also select to sort results by deadline or alphabetically.


To narrow your search even more, you can select school types. There are funding opportunities for public schools, private schools, charter schools, as well as nonprofit organizations and homeschools. You can further narrow down the grade level you wish to search for.

Once you have made your choices and have a results list with opportunities that match your criteria, you have the option to save the search in a list. This means that you do not have to input your criteria every time you search for grants. You can also add comments and reminders to your results list.


Lastly, all that is left to do is take the plunge and apply to the grant opportunities you’ve discovered. Should you be successful with your application, make sure to let us know so we can share your achievement.








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