Finding Data for Your Grant Proposal

One of the most important yet difficult features of a grant application is providing the data that supports your proposal, your need, and your goals. Whether the funder asks for demographic data, school population, and information on target audiences, or background data, it is crucial to know where to look for the right numbers. We have compiled a number of resources for data collection that is essential to your proposal:

  • The US Census Bureau is an important resource for data about the demographic makeup of your community, area, city or town, and state. You can find information about poverty levels, education levels, unemployment rates, and incomes. The Bureau also offers the American Fact Finder that lets you search by zip code.
  • Information and data about your schools or district’s enrollment and population can be found on the school finder offered by the National Center for Education Statistics. This site also offers data on the school lunch program.
  • What Works Clearinghouse reviews research on various education programs, practices, and policies. These reviews come in handy when you are applying for federal funding.
  • The Literacy Company provides data and statistics regarding education, reading, and writing across the nation that you can use to support your needs statement.
  • LINCS is a website that is part of the US Department of Education that offers further statistics about literacy as well as adult education.
  • The Department of Education provides further data about STEM education.


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