Adding Value to Your Grant Proposal

In a previous blog, we discussed using data to support grant proposals. But data numbers are not the only important factors that add value to a proposal. There are other statistics that can give grant proposals additional weight and impress funders.

Achievements and Impact

Demonstrating what your school, district, classroom, or organization has already achieved shows the funder that you are constantly working on improving goals and creating successful outcomes. Existing success shows confidence and strength, but it is also an indicator for future success. Previous successful projects can be your introduction to demonstrating the additional impact the new funding will have.


Every Impact Counts

It is important to show your funder who will benefit most from the proposed project. Most funders require information about target audiences and people or students affected by the project. However, you might also include a broader impact on the community. Does your project only impact your students or is there an additional benefit for other students, families, or the community as a whole? Aspects of civic engagement in projects can add meaning and value to an application.


The Funder’s Benefit

If your proposal is successfully implemented, it is not only your school or classroom that benefits. The funder also becomes part of your success and will show the foundation in a positive light as a supporter of successful educational programs. Most nonprofit organizations like to be associated with successful projects that they helped make happen.



Collaboration is a “magic word” when adding value to an application. Finding a partner for your proposal does not just mean finding other sources of funding. It also shows that you are resourceful, smart, willing to work with others, actively looking for advice and guidance in different places, and trying to maximize outcomes. If you have a partner, be it another educator or organization, describe your reasons for seeking collaboration and highlight the partner’s credibility or expertise.




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