The Statement of Need

When you create a grant application for a project, it is important to be concise and detailed about why you need the money. This part of your application is generally known as the Statement of Needs. It is helpful to use the following steps when crafting your Statement of Need.

Address the need. Explain what the situation in your school or classroom is currently like. For example, address why are your students are unable to learn undisturbed, or why are they unable struggle to p reach their full learning potential. The more detail you can add, the easier you will find it will be to support your proposal.


When you identify the target population, it is critical to be detailed and thorough. Funder’s requirements may prompt you to provide demographics and statistics, such as percentage of students on free or reduced lunches and breakfast, or from low-income or minority backgrounds. Data about the target audience also provides information about the consequences of not receiving funding and the effects on student needs. Depending on the funder, you may have to provide more or less demographic data and it may be necessary to ask the principal or district leaders for data sheets.


The next step is to define the problem. Describe symptoms as detailed specifically as you can. For example, why is the problem occurring and why is there no way for you or your school to resolve it without funding? In this section, you also tie in your organization’s goals and how they relate to the problem. To define the problem, you should gather more data for support. The more undisputable and calculated data you can provide, the more convincing your argument will be.


The last step is to craft an argument and write the Statement of Need. Compile your data and convert it into a coherent argument. Keep it simple and concise, but do not leave any information out. State all aspects of your argument clearly and understandably.


The Statement of Need is the support pillar of your application. It is where you present the funder with facts, numbers, and evidence corroborating why your project is necessary. Utilizing the basic format presented above will ensure your argument is sound, well supported, and effective in attaining funding.


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