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What Have You Been Reading?

It has been an exciting year 2017 for Discover GetEdFunding. We touched many grant-related topics and tried to offer you as information as possible to help you find grants, prepare grants, grant writing, and learning about the pitfalls and tricks. These are the most read blog posts of 2017:


Grant Writing for Beginners Series

Discover GetEdFunding

The title says it all: our comprehensive overview for the grant-writing novice. We touched upon all topics, from tips for a successful first proposal, the basics of a Letter of Inquiry, project description, timeline, executive summary, and the budget. This blog series is what you need to get started and develop into a grant- writing pro.


10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Successful Educational Grant Writing

Avoiding pitfalls

Guest contributor Harriet Isecke offered insights into how your grant proposal becomes competitive and what you should avoid. From carefully researching the funder’s areas of interest to adhering to instructions; from clearly defining projects to carefully checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation or not having a clearly defined budget, this post highlighted what could go wrong and how you can avoid being expelled form the race before it even started.


There’s an App for that: Tools that Make Grant Writing Easier

Tools to make grant writing easier

The title might be a little misleading. Of course there is no app that writes that grants for you. You are still the most important part of the grant writing process. But we presented a few programs, tools, and apps that you can use to organize your grant writing, keep you on track, document your progress, and easily share it with others.


It’s Not You, it’s Me: 7 Reasons Why Grant Proposals Are Rejected

Rejected grant proposals

Every educator who has ever had a grant proposal rejected wondered what went wrong. We highlighted the main reasons funders might reject a proposal for a grant.


PTA as Grant Writing Guru


PTA meeting

Another guest contribution attracted a lot of attention: Michele Israel’s argument for involving parent-teacher organizations in educational grant writing. From being able to provide manpower, volunteers, and advocates for the cause, and time, PTAs can be a useful partner in your educational grant endeavors.


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