Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

Most Popular Funding Opportunities Last Month

In the last month of 2017, educators were interested in grants for STEM education, after-school programs, and programs for disadvantaged students. Check out the grants GetEdFunding members viewed the most in the month of December.

Education Grants

Sponsored by Boeing Company Charitable Trust

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Education is one focus area for Boeing’s corporate-giving program. Boeing intends to help students gain fundamental twenty-first century skills relevant to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, such as the ability to think critically and solve problems, collaborate well, be creative, and communicate effectively.

Deadline: Deadlines vary by location.


IGT After-School Advantage Program

Sponsored by International Game Technology Global Solutions Corporation

The International Game Technology strives to address the needs of underprivileged and at-risk children aged 5 to 18 with a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience during the critical after-school hours in a safe environment. Grants are intended for the establishment of supervised computer centers that offer a technology-based educational environment in which children can learn basic computer skills and use these resources to complete educational projects.

Deadline: Proposals are accepted year-round.


Education Grants

Sponsored by Genentech, Inc.

Genentech, Inc. offers grants in the areas of education and science, community and the environment, and humanitarian and social issues. Funding priorities include kindergarten through grade 12 education, community projects, after-school programs, and initiatives that address hunger and homelessness.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round.


Braitmayer Foundation Education Grants

Sponsored by The Braitmayer Foundation

The Braitmayer Foundation is interested in proposals utilizing innovative practices in kindergarten through grade 12 education throughout the United States. Of particular interest are curricular and school reform initiatives, and professional development opportunities for teachers, particularly those that encourage people of high ability and diverse background to enter and remain in kindergarten through grade 12 teaching.

Deadline: Letters of Inquiry are accepted February 1 through March 15, annually.


Charitable Contributions

Sponsored by Aflac

Aflac’s philanthropic efforts are in the areas of health, education, youth, and the arts throughout the communities in which it does business. Aflac offers funding for youth mentorships, libraries and learning centers, and public schools.

Deadline: Applications are accepted year-round.


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