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6 Resources to Find Technology for Your Classroom

In many schools, computers, tablets, and software programs to increase and enrich learning experiences are still limited. Oftentimes, schools simply cannot stretch their budget to buy more technology. However, innovative projects can be funded by grants from outside sources. Here is a list of some of the top foundations and corporations in the United States that make grants to improve access to technology in classrooms.

Captain Planet Foundation

Captain Planet funding focuses on two aspects: environmental education and STEM learning. EcoTech grants encourage teachers and students to create inquiry-based technology solutions that address environmental challenges and problems. Grants are awarded annually and the application can be completed and submitted online.

Computers for Learning

The US General Services Administration developed the Computers for Learning Program in 1996, following an Executive Order from President Bill Clinton, to ensure all children are prepared for the twenty-first century. The program redistributes computers and computer equipment no longer used by federal agencies to schools for no cost. Any school can request equipment donations. The program is ongoing and schools can register to receive donations at any time.

Digital Wish

Digital Wish asks teachers to register their school on the website and submit a technology-based lesson plan to receive one of more than 50 different grants. Grants are matched with the lesson plans and the classroom profile.

Lockheed Martin STEM Grants

Lockheed Martin supports training of tomorrow’s STEM and technology workforce and talent. Funding helps teachers implement coding programs and robotics clubs, as well as encourages girls to take an interest in STEM subjects and careers. Teachers can apply year-round.


Toshiba invests in STEM education to increase the future technology workforce. Teachers can apply to receive funding for innovative, creative, and exciting classroom projects. Toshiba looks for new innovators by funding robotics programs, electronics projects, and integrative projects combining a number of subjects.

American Honda Foundation

American Honda invests in tomorrow’s engineers, innovators, and problem solvers. The foundation is interested in supporting STEM education at all ages. Teachers can apply for funding three times a year.

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