Getting parents invovled in grant writing

How to Get Parents Involved in Grant Writing

The number one reason most teachers give for not applying for grants is that they simply don’t have the time. One solution to this problem is to tap into parent volunteers. Parents can help with finding, planning, writing, and implementing grants. There are even some grants especially reserved for PTAs. If you’re interested in using parent volunteers, here are a few ways to get parents involved in grant writing.


Open the Door
As the teacher, you should be the one to invite parents to get involved in grant writing. Many parents may be reluctant to offer help until they have a clear sign from the teacher that their help would be welcome. Simply starting the conversation with parents will help you to find volunteers.


Set the Tone
At the very beginning of the school year, set expectations for parental involvement. Let parents know what you’re going to need help with and how they can get involved. If you’re planning on writing a grant, explain your project idea and the type of help you’re going to need to make it happen. This sets the tone for the year and opens the door for parents to offer their assistance.


Showcase Student Learning
Show parents the direct impact that grant dollars have made on their children’s learning. Seeing the direct benefits for their children will further motivate parents to contribute to the grant writing effort.


Become an Event Planner
Plan a few events throughout the school year that will bring families into the school. This gives you a chance to connect with parents and learn more about their strengths and talents. It will also show you which parents have interest in being involved in your classroom. You can ask parents individually to volunteer to help find and write grants. Parents are much more likely to contribute if you ask them directly.


Parents are often looking for ways to be more involved in their children’s schooling. Simply extending the opportunity for them contribute in a concrete way can get you the help you need with grant writing.


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