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How to Find Grants for Private or Parochial Schools

Finding grants for private or parochial schools can be a challenge. Many funders give only to public schools or do not give to faith-based organizations. However, there are funders seeking to specifically fund private or parochial schools. Outlined below are five ways to uncover funding as a private or parochial school.


1. Optimize Your Search
Use GetEdFunding’s Custom Search to find grants for both private and parochial schools by selecting “Private” under Institution Eligibility, along with the grade level your grant will serve. If you’re seeking grants for charter schools, select “Charter” and “Private” under Institution Eligibility.


2. Look for Religious Organizations
If your school falls under a specific religious denomination, try searching nonprofits and foundations within your denomination. These organizations may not publicly offer grants, but they may be interested in donating to parochial schools with which they have a strong relationship. Try reaching out to organizations to discuss how you can collaborate to foster the value of your religious denomination.


3. Work Your Network
Tap into your school’s network of alumni, school board members, teachers, and parents to learn about small family foundations or local companies that may be open to funding your project. Small, local funders may not be included in online grant databases. These funders may only fund organizations that take the time to build a strong relationship first. Companies may be interested in offering in-kind donations or discounts on purchases.


4. Donors and Fundraising
Grants aren’t always the answer to a school’s funding needs. Donors and fundraising campaigns can help schools thrive. For more information on how to connect with donors and build fundraising campaigns, review the following blogs:


5. Collaborate with Other Institutions
In order to be eligible for more funding opportunities, you may choose to partner with a nonprofit organization that can serve as a lead agency. These organizations could include public schools or school districts, libraries, museums, universities or colleges, and community-based organizations. To learn more about the benefits of collaborations between institutions, check out the webinar How to Multiply the Impact of Your Grant: Divide the Work By Collaborating with Other Institutions.


Finding funding for a private or parochial school requires creativity, determination, and persistence. Getting creative with your search criteria, tapping into your school network, and collaborating with other institutions will help you bring in the funds you need.


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