Browse Month: January 2017

Teaching a Summer Lesson

Get a Head Start on Summer: 5 Awards and Fellowships for Educators

It may seem like summer is still far away, but deadlines for funding summer programs and professional development opportunities are approaching fast. To help you start planning your summer, we’ve pulled together a few funding finds that are too good to pass up: Continue Reading

Grant Writing for Beginners: Getting to the Heart of Your Proposal with the Need Statement

The need statement is at the heart of your proposal. It’s the place in the proposal where you can tap into emotion to win over the reviewers. The need statement should identify a problem, explain the need for your project or program, and show how your project solves the problem you’ve identified.


This blog is part of our new series, Grant Writing for Beginners. The series addresses all stages of preparing a grant proposal from writing a Letter of Inquiry to submitting a proposal. This post continues the series by outlining how to compose a compelling need statement. Continue Reading


Formative Evaluation: What You Can Do Pre-Award that Will Help You Post-Award

At the time it is written, a grant proposal is our best snapshot of the future. Although it may be a well-developed vision, it is still only a vision. After your project is funded, formative evaluation is key in determining the effectiveness of your project. If certain components of your project are not working, you can and should change direction. If some activities are functioning particularly well, you can identify which ones these are and build them into your sustainability strategy. Continue Reading

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