Grant Writing for Beginners Series

The mission of the Discover GetEdFunding blog is to provide grant guidance for educators throughout every step of their grant-writing journey. The Grant Writing for Beginners series is meant to help educators who are just starting out on that journey. The series will cover all the stages of preparing a grant proposal from writing a Letter of Inquiry to submitting a proposal.

This blog post will serve as the landing page for the content as it’s generated. New posts will be added as they’re published. We’re looking forward to this series and we hope you are too!

  1. Top Tips for Writing Your First Grant
  2. How to Write a Letter of Inquiry
  3. Making a Good First Impression with Your Executive Summary
  4. Writing a Description of Your School
  5. Getting to the Heart of Your Proposal with the Need Statement
  6. Writing a Description of Your Project
  7. How to Write a Timeline for Your Grant
  8. How to Build a Budget

If you have any particular questions or topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know in the comments.


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