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How To Develop a Clear Funding Vision

It is important to know exactly what you’re looking for before launching your funding search. A clear vision allows you to quickly weed out ill-fitting opportunities and focus on researching more viable options.

When you’re unsure of what funding opportunities to search for, GetEdFunding’s Success Stories can provide inspiration by highlighting examples of what grantors have typically funded in the past. Review the Success Stories to read descriptions of successfully funded projects, gain insights into how applications were prepared, and discover amounts funded.

If you haven’t yet narrowed down the scope of your search, you can also try brainstorming the focus areas, content areas, and twenty-first century themes and skills your project might involve. Using the Custom Search feature, you can search by these broad areas to review available grants.

For example, if you want to fund a science lesson but have not yet defined the project details, try searching Science, STEM, Creativity, Innovation, or Critical Thinking. This may spark a new idea or clarify the focus of your project, allowing you to refine your funding goals and narrow your searches.


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