Secrets and Strategies from a Grant Writing Pro

CDW-G continued its three-part webinar series, with Dr. Toni Rockis, by discussing strategies for writing an effective grant proposal. In the first webinar, attendees got insights into the first three sections of a grant proposal: Executive Summary, Description of the School, and Need for the Project. This second webinar discussed the next two sections: Description of the Project and Project Management Timeline. Here are a few of the suggested strategies:

1. Use the 4 Cs
All sections of your proposal should follow the 4 Cs: Clear, Concise, Compelling, and Consistent. This webinar especially stresses the importance of consistency. Grant applications often ask for the same information several times, and it’s up to you to ensure that the information remains consistent. When repeating your objectives, make sure you write them exactly the same each time. It may seem redundant, but it adds clarity to your proposal and helps readers identify your objectives and how they will be met.


2. Consult the Experts
Involve individuals who have program expertise, background information about the topic, and are committed to the target audience in developing activities. These are the individuals who will ultimately be responsible for carrying out the project and ensuring its success. It is critical to get their feedback and guidance in the development of the proposal.


3. Visualize It
Instead of writing out a timeline in a narrative format, consider a table, chart, or other graphic. A visual format can make dense information much easier for readers to fully digest.


These are just a few of the tips shared in the second webinar. To hear more strategies and access free giveaways to help you write the perfect proposal, view the free webinar recording. If you missed the first webinar you can view it here. And don’t forget to register for the next webinar in the series!


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