Optimize Your Search

GetEdFunding’s Custom Search offers a wide range of search options to help you find grant opportunities specific to your needs. Here are a few tips to optimize your search results.

Narrow Geographic Results
Be sure to always choose a state when searching. Your results will be more targeted to local funding opportunities, and national grants will still show up in your search.


Find Funding For Individual Educators
If you’re looking for funding opportunities for teachers, librarians, or other educators, select Adult as the grade level, not the grade level in which an individual educator is working. This will show opportunities for individual educators such as awards for educators and funding for professional development opportunities. To make the most of your search for individual awards, try selecting Professional Development in combination with Adult as the grade level for more professional development and continuing education opportunities.


Fund Private or Parochial Schools
While there are fewer funds for private schools, GetEdFunding has opportunities for all educators. Find more private or parochial school opportunities by selecting Private as your institution eligibility.


Narrow Results
Avoid multiple selections within the same category, such as selecting multiple focus areas or 21st century themes/skills, to narrow the results of your search.


Get Creative
It can be difficult to find grants that match a specific project or proposal. Try changing up your search by selecting new criteria related to your overall funding goal. For example, if you’re looking for a public school library grant, try selecting not only Library/Media, but also Literacy, PreK-12; Facilities/Maintenance; Reading/English/Language Arts; Information Literacy; or Media Literacy.


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